Magenta Care Services

About Us

We care, we don’t just offer a service.



Magenta Care Services was established with the goal of being a premier and cutting-edge care service provider. 

We want to accomplish this by developing a service user-centered strategy in collaboration with all of our stakeholders.

teamwork, cooperation is in the hearts of Magenta care services staff


Main Goal

Our main goal is to help service users by offering person-centered care that is outcome-based and economical, with an emphasis on delivering high-quality services that are dependable, adaptable, and provide customers a choice and sense of control.

Our goal is to accomplish this through the use of a highly competent personnel, whose background, education, and attitude will guarantee that we supply support services that allow our service users to continue living independently in a dignified and respectful way.

At Magenta we are all equal


Our Identity

We are a West Midlands-based supplier of domiciliary care services. Our Birmingham location offers a variety of care and support services that are tailored to the needs of each individual. 

Our caregivers are committed to offering respectful assistance. We take pride in knowing your needs and requirements to provide the appropriate service.

Peace of mind with Magenta care services


High Standard

Because we place the utmost emphasis on providing individualised care, local governments and private persons frequently choose us to provide care on a variety of levels, all to a high standard.

Magenta can do everything you ask