Advanced Care

mental illness, anxiety, depressed - Magenta will help you!
Magenta Care Services

What is Advanced Care?

To meet the specific demands of each client, we customize our services. We make sure that specialized complicated care teams continue to provide services.


  • Complex care for physical disabilities (including support for learning disabilities).
  • Interim care.
  • Euthanasia care.

Suitable for people who:

  • Suffer from mental or physical impairments.
  • Been released from the hospital and in need of extensive care and monitoring.
  • Residents in hospital wards with a lengthy recovery process, such as ICU or high dependency units.
  • Have ongoing, degenerative conditions that call for care.

Our main objective is to offer the community of service users high-quality care. By providing high-quality, individualised, dependable, responsive care, we can do this.