Assisted Living

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What is Assisted Living?

As an alternative to residential care, supported living places a strong emphasis on offering assistance to those who need it.

Compared to a residential care home, this way of life offers more security, rights, freedom, and autonomy. Instead of attempting to fit into an existing system, support is tailored to the needs of the individual.

Users will have more power to decide how to live. This includes decisions about their daily activities as well as bigger ones like where they live and whether they work.

In supported living, users are tenants in their own right. MCS has relationships with housing providers that may be useful when deciding on housing options (if required).

Numerous methods are used to provide supported living:

  • People may opt to live independently.
  • People may decide to share housing with their spouse, a friend, or a small group of pals.
  • Interacting with a household that is already a community.

New project timescales vary and are dependent upon the housing option or supported living requirements. During this time, we will work alongside an individual to ensure optimal supported living will be achieved. This work allows a present transition and ensures users will be content in their lives.